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I just got back from the concert - which was AWESOME - and I made $18! I only sold about ten cookies (at 50 cents each), but several people - including Alex - donated extra money! I'll put in at least ten dollars, and I'll donate the money tomorrow.

I hope any one reading this will consider donating to Autism Speaks, as it is really a great cause!

Autism Speaks

I'll be baking cookies at The Remus Lupins's show in Oak Park, Illinois on March fourteenth (as long at the bookstore says it's okay) to raise money for Autism Speaks, a great charity that not only funds research for a cure (over $30 million in 2007!), but also spreads awareness of the disease and what an impact it has on society. This charity is especially important to me because one of my best friends, who I have known since I was six, has a younger brother with autism, so I have seen first-hand how devastating it can be to a family.

If anyone is going to be at the show, I'd appreciate it if you could drop by and purchase a cookie. Even if you can't come, I strongly encourage you to donate any extra money you have to www.autismspeaks.org.

I'd make a pie for Pi Day, but I don't think my baking skills are quite that good. ;-)


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Hello, Madeleine from S.P.E.W. (a.k.a. Athena from Song of the Phoenix) here to announce a campaign I’m starting to help organize wrock fans who would like to use the Harry Potter fandom to help stand up for those who can’t speak for themselves in the Muggle world.  Participants sell homemade baked goods at wizard rock concerts and other Harry Potter events, then send the profits to a non-profit organization of their choice.  I have been baking various vegan goodies from the Veganomicon cookbook.  I will be raising money for Farm Sanctuary, a wonderful organization that rescues and rehabilitates animals who were raised in factory farms and the like, and advocates for the rights of food animals. 
Let’s see how much the HP fandom can raise!  
To join the campaign and to get more information, join this community and take a look at our profile page, PM me, or email me at punkvegan@gmail.com

NOTE:  Any member may post whatever you like to this group.  I'd just ask that you set your posts to only be visible to members; that way this post will show up at the top of the page to anyone visiting the group for the first time. 


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