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Cookies for Kreacher

Making a difference one cookie at a time.

Cookies For Kreacher
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A community of wizard rockers who are advocating for those who can't speak for themselves.
I'm Athena from the S.P.E.W. Zine (find out more about us at elfishrights.webs.com), here to tell you a little bit about Cookies For Kreacher.
We are a group of wizard rockers who are using the fandom to raise money and awareness about our favorite non-profit Muggle organizations that stand up for those who can't speak for themselves. Participants sell homemade baked goods at wizard rock concerts and other Harry Potter events, then send the net profits to the organization of their choice. I sell vegan baked goods (mostly yummy cookies from the Veganomicon cookbook), and all my net profits go towards Farm Sanctuary, a wonderful organization that rescues and rehabilitates animals who were raised in factory farms and the like, and advocates for the rights of food animals.
To join the campaign, simply join this LJ community or email me at punkvegan@gmail.com. All members can post in the community. Feel free to post about whatever you like, and please let us know when you have raised money for a certain organization! I will be keeping a record of our combined totals. Let's see how much the HP fandom can raise!